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Pascagoula High School

Social Media and Your Child - Resources for Parents

Tweens and teens are connected like never before! Social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and many more allow tweens and teens to stay connected and communicate with each other 24/7. While most conversations and connections are positive, there is a negative side to social media. Some connections and conversations may be something that can cause harm or even be illegal. It is vital that parents stay current on what social media apps their child uses.
Take time to talk with your child about what social media apps are on his/her phone. Look at the conversations they are having and who they communicate with on a regular basis. Discuss what is appropriate for your family and encourage your child to speak with an adult if they see and read something that could be harmful or illegal.
Connect Safely and Common Sense Media provide parent guides for these social media apps and much more. Check out these parent guides to better educate yourself on what apps your child is using and how to start the conversation.